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If you do not live in college and would like to book rooms in college, please email

Extra nights 

Resident students may stay in College accommodation out of term time if they have a justifiable reason for doing so. Extra nights are for students' personal use only and will be booked in the student's name and in their term-time room when they link up with the end or start of their residency agreement. Any unlinked night (guest night) in College during the vacations will be booked subject to availability.  Please note that at the end of Easter Term we cannot guarantee the same room during the Summer as College is usually fully booked up with Students Residentials and other events.


All extra nights must be booked and paid for online at least 5 days before the first night needed. If you miss the 5 day deadline you will need to pay for your extra night(s) directly at the Finance Office; a late booking charge of £2.50 per night will be added to the normal room rate.  Any unauthorised extra nights will be charged a flat rate of £30.00 per night (regardless of the room occupied during term).


If you have been granted a Vacation Study Grant (VSG) you do not need to pay, unless your extra nights exceed the nights awarded by the VSG.

Outside term time, normal services, such as cleaning and catering, may not be available in the same way as during term time. However, all College Rules still apply - including signing visitors in and out on the Visitors' Book at the Porters' Lodge.


No booking is confirmed until you receive an email from the Accommodation Officer. Once the booking is confirmed, no refund will be given unless in very exceptional circumstances.